-- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 -- Junior High/High School students needed for upcoming water quality sampling event, coming up on Friday, October 18th! Contact Patrick Cross for more information -- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 -- Welcome back MSU students! YERC has 4 new work-study positions for qualifying students: visit the MSU financial aid office for more details -- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 -- We are pleased to welcome back MSU senior Nate Jourdonnais for his 3rd year of work-study with YERC! We especially look forward to hearing about his summer studying mule deer! And we are happy to have Trevon Kentzel-Nunnally, a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and Technology, join the team! -- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 -- Thank you, Park County Community Foundation and Give-A-Hoot Contributors! RiverNET came in #14 out of 52 local non-profits participating in this month-long fundraising event, receiving 122% of our $15k goal. Thanks again!!! -- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 -- Volunteers needed for RiverNET data collection: click Get Involved/Volunteer to learn more -- LAB NEWS OCTOBER 2019 --