An organization built on success:


The Yellowstone Ecological Research Center has an excellent track record performing applicable science and providing scientific advice for a broad range of groups. Whether it is advising Yellowstone National Park decision makers on bison migration or providing consulting and technical advice for local Native American Tribal College ecology programs, YERC has successfully implemented scientific results into actionable management and learning opportunities. 

Adaptive Ecology isn't about doing research for research's sake: it's about translating the best available science into actionable outcomes protecting ecosystem assets. At YERC, we strive to make sure our work goes beyond the technical journals and all the way to the conference tables of the policy-makers, the shop talk of resource managers in the field, and the news feeds of regular people around the world. And since 1993, we've succeeded at informing policy, providing tools for resource managers, and getting people talking about the issues affecting their ecosystems by collaborating with agencies and other institutions in various public-private partnerships. 

Our success over the past 15 years is a testament to the quality research and outreach YERC has performed. The science and research performed by YERC staff and students has been directly applied to the management of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and beyond.