Low-altitude AVIRIS data for mapping land cover in Yellowstone National Park: use of ISODATA clustering techniques

Spruce, J.P.

in: Proceedings of the Tenth JPL Airborne Earth Science Workshop, Feb27-March3, 2001, Pasadena, California, USA


Yellowstone National Park (YNP) contains a diversity of land cover. YNP managers need site-specific land cover maps, which may be produced more effectively using high-resolution hyperspectral imagery. ISODATA clustering techniques have aided operational multispectral image classification and may benefit certain hyperspectral data applications if optimally applied. In response, a study was performed for an area in northeast YNP using 11 select bands of low-altitude AVIRIS data calibrated to ground reflectance. These data were subjected to ISODATA clustering and Maximum Likelihood Classification techniques to produce a moderately detailed land cover map. The latter has good apparent overall agreement with field surveys and aerial photo interpretation.

Patrick Cross2001