Development of a Web-based Application to Evaluate Target Finding Algorithms

Snyder, D., Kerekes, J., Fairweather, I., Crabtree, R.L., Shive, J. and Hager, S.

2008 IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, Vol. 2 pp. 915-918


Hyperspectral imagery leverages the use of spectral measurements to detect objects of interest in a scene that may not be discernable from their spatial patterns alone. This paper describes a project to make available to the community a set of hyperspectral airborne images on which anyone can run a target detection algorithm to find selected objects of interest in an image. The image and target spectral signatures are publicly available but the pixel location of targets within the image is withheld to allow for independent algorithm evaluation and scoring. To distribute these data, a website has been created which allows users to download the hyperspectral data and upload their target detection results which are then automatically scored. The Target Detection Blind Test website is located at

Patrick Cross2008