Current Work study opportunities


Cloud Services/IT assistant

Assist with implementation of Information Technology, focusing on cloud-related services. All tasks are to support Ecological Analysis and Forecasting. The job is off campus in Tech Park off Garfield Street. Hours are flexible with opportunity to work remotely if student demonstrates ability to work independent of supervision. Upper division students majoring in Computer Science preferred.

Student will gain hands on experience with the following:

1. cloud-based architecture, virtualization techniques, and networking

2. implementation of a docker container-based application using a kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure

3. help with the migration and management of existing data to cloud storage

4. updating company website (

5. basic IT office tasks, e.g. connecting new work stations, network configuration, etc

The following qualifications are desired:
1. Experience with installation and use of basic computer applications and network configuration

2. Familiarity with virtualization concepts

3. Understanding cloud-based applications is desirable

4. Alternate platform experience such as Macintosh, and Linux environments is desirable

5. Good work ethic with the ability to work pro-actively on tasks and projects, efficiently and accurately, with minimal supervision

Office/IT/Lab Assistant

We are looking for students who are self-motivated, eager to learn, can listen to instructions, and can take initiative after being trained by YERC staff members. These are work-study funded positions open to any major. Students will have experience using programs including Excel and Word as well as social media platforms. Good organizational and clear writing skills as well as a cheerful can-do attitude are required. A willingness to take a turn with a vacuum is a huge plus!

You will be working closely with the Projects Manager and other YERC staff members on a combination of the following duties:

(1) Data management, including inventorying data files, scanning paper copies, converting file formats, etc. This also includes equipment maintenance and general office organization.

(2) Communications, including website (updating site in Squarespace) and social media (Facebook, Instagram, website blog) updates. This entails being aware of our current research projects, staying organized, attention to detail, using clear writing skills and understanding of social media uses. You will need an understanding of basic technology and keen eye for photography. 

(3) Sample preparation assignments and other project-specific lab tasks such as cleaning vials

(4) Office assistance


One of these positions will also be more focused on computer science (please indicate on your resume if you have any experience/interest in coding) with tasks such as:

(1) Migrating data to cloud storage

(2) Office IT (network management, setting up new work stations, etc.)

(3) Helping develop a data portal/user interface on our website